Práce žákyně 9.třídy Viktorie Cvikové na téma Vánoce v AJ

I chose Christmas because it’s my favourite holiday of the year. It feels like everything’s stopped and everybody is at peace. It’s a very magical time. And this year wasn’t an exception.

I woke up really early at 6 AM like every Christmas morning, because I am always so excited for the whole day. I told myself that this year I would like to try fasting to see a golden pig, but I gave it up at breakfast as I suspected. For breakfast I had Christmas bread, which my mum made the day before and also I had my favourite Christmas cookies, while I was watching fairy tales all morning and also for the rest of the day.  Then we had  lunch, which consisted of wannabe fish soup (soup without fish), because we don’t like it, and for the main course we had “Kuba” with mushrooms. It’s a very good and light lunch, because we want to have some space in our bellies, of course for the delicious dinner. After lunch we were just staying together on the sofa and watching some more Christmas fairy tales.  

Every year at about 4PM we have tradition of going to the cemetery. We go there to lit a few candles and it is also a great way how to go for a walk with our dog and it makes us a little bit hungry. Actually I don’t really like cemeteries, but on Christmas it’s really nice to see so many lighted candles. I think it’s nice to remember our departed loved ones. 

After that we slowly started to prepare for dinner. My sister and I had a shower and our got changed into Christmas outfits. I am always so stressed out. Meanwhile my mum started to fry wrapped steaks and fillets… Actually I don’t know what my dad did at that time 🙂 

At 6PM when the Christmas dinner started, me and my sister came downstairs where our parents were waiting for us. We sat down at the table and as always my dad needed to take a lot of photos on the camera. Finally, we started eating, carols were playing in the background and food was delicious. I really liked the atmosphere. After dinner we were waiting for baby Jesus and then, of course, opened beautiful presents.

I enjoyed this Christmas time as much as possible, even if there is COVID-19. Spending a lot of time with my family was really great and I hope that in 2021 everyone will be healthy and strong.